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ClearSky Client Named “Top Cell Phone Carrier”

“Congratulations to Consumer Cellular, a ClearSky customer of nearly three years and newly-named “Top Cell Phone Carrier” by Consumer Reports’ annual customer satisfaction survey. Click here to view full report. To learn more about Consumer Cellular visit

ClearSky Acquires GetLisa–Strengthens Position in Regional Wireless Marketplace

ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data services to regional wireless carriers, today announced its acquisition of wireless data service provider, GetLisa Information Services, Inc. The addition of more than 30 new clients, along with 50 existing clients, brings ClearSky’s total customer base to over 80 wireless carriers, serving more than 8 million subscribers.

The purchase of GetLisa solidifies ClearSky’s position as the leader in the regional wireless carrier market by driving innovation, reliability and efficiency, and allowing the company to:

  • Increase its scale to operate more efficiently and provide a broader range of services.
  • Facilitate the addition of a geographically redundant data center.
  • Expand coverage hours for customer support.
  • Offer premium and standard rate SMS shortcode services (including local shortcode programs) with an industry-leading roster of SMS aggregator partnerships.
  • Augment its existing team of seasoned professionals by adding talented and experienced personnel.

“We look forward to taking advantage of our combined strength to further improve the range and quality of ClearSky services,” said Bill Poellmitz, President and CEO of ClearSky. “We consider the purchase of GetLisa to be an important strategic element of our continued growth as the leading provider of data services for regional wireless carriers.”

“Our products and services are highly complementary, so combining the two companies was a logical step,” said George Woodward, CEO of GetLisa Information Services. “This acquisition promotes cross-selling of products to GetLisa customers and vice versa, thereby enhancing ClearSky’s broad service offering and improving satisfaction across our combined customer base.”

Long Lines Wireless Renews and Expands Contract with ClearSky to Include Hosted Multi-G SMS

ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data services to regional wireless carriers, today announced its multi-year contract renewal with leading Midwest carrier, Long Lines Wireless. After a successful three-year business relationship, Long Lines Wireless has renewed and expanded its contract to include ClearSky’s hosted Multi-G SMS, in addition to its Multi-G MMS, Mobile Internet Gateway and Unified Media Center.

Now, with ClearSky’s SMS Service, Long Lines Wireless subscribers can enjoy an array of personalization features such as parental and corporate controls, group messaging, auto-forwarding, auto-reply, auto-signature, personal blacklist, message status inquiry, Flash (pop-up) messages and more. Additionally, with ClearSky’s complete mobile entertainment package, subscribers can send and receive multimedia messages, browse their favorite mobile websites, and access a branded media center complete with downloadable content, including ClearSky’s new Smartphone App Store.

“It’s not often that a regional wireless carrier can gain additional market differentiation while simultaneously reducing OPEX,” said Brent Olson, Long Lines Wireless President and CFO. “ClearSky’s ability to remain a one-stop shop by providing a comprehensive suite of wireless data services, including a feature-rich SMS platform, made it an obvious choice to continue our successful relationship. With unlimited messaging capacity, ClearSky’s superior SMS platform and associated services are sure to accommodate our growing subscriber base.”

“ClearSky is thrilled to renew and expand our valued relationship with Long Lines Wireless by providing our Multi-G SMS platform,” said Tony Tagliareni, EVP of sales and marketing. “Contract renewals that include an expansion of services send a very strong message to the market place. Our clients are saying they were so pleased with the services they received over the original contract term, that they want to align more tightly with ClearSky to continue to drive their success.”

ClearSky Launches Smartphone App Store

ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data services and content to regional wireless carriers, today announced its alignment with Handmark, a leading provider of mobile application solutions, to offer thousands of today’s top-selling apps to more than 7 million wireless subscribers.

The global value of the mobile applications market is expected to reach $25 billion by 2015 (up from about $6.8 billion in 2010), according to a consumer research report by MarketsandMarkets. Consumer demand for mobile applications is not only driving smartphone sales, but content sales as well. Now, ClearSky and its 50 carrier clients can capitalize on this movement with the company’s new Smartphone App Store—a comprehensive catalog of today’s leading productivity apps and games for major smartphone platforms.

ClearSky’s Smartphone App Store allows regional wireless carriers to earn revenue from applications purchased by Smartphone users, therefore increasing data ARPU. The impact on ARPU is amplified because the average selling price of apps is typically much higher than other pay-per-download content types. By offering apps, carriers also minimize the possibility of their subscribers going elsewhere to purchase applications.

“While wireless subscribers are consumed with downloading the latest and greatest apps, ClearSky has created an opportunity for our carrier clients to be the provider of those apps, and to share the monetary benefits as well,” said Tony Tagliareni, ClearSky EVP of sales & marketing. “These apps can be found in our Unified Media Center, complete with more than 250,000 content assets, including Ringback Tones and Pay-Per-Download (PPD) Content.”

ClearSky Hires Wireless Veteran as Head of Product Management

ORLANDO, FL, September 8, 2011—ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data services and content to regional wireless carriers, today announced the hire of Lou Grilli to lead the company’s internal product management efforts, as well as product and service partnership initiatives.

As Director of Product Management, Grilli will lead the launch of several new services for next generation networks; his role is to define product strategy to transform emerging technologies into revenue-generating services for regional wireless operators. Additionally, Grilli will manage the lifecycle of ClearSky’s existing product and service portfolio.

“Lou’s extensive business and software development background, impressive education, and proven track record in the wireless market make him a perfect fit for ClearSky,” says ClearSky President and CEO Bill Poellmitz. “ClearSky continues to grow, both in the number of customers, and in the number of products and services offered to the industry, and Lou will ensure that we deliver compelling new products and services to the industry in a timely manner.”

With 20+ years of experience in the mobile industry, Grilli developed the industry’s first SMS inter-carrier gateway, and was part of the team responsible for implementing the first in-vehicle security and navigation system that uses wireless voice and data for remote access. His career in wireless began in software development and operations at GTE TSI, followed by his role in business development with Verizon, and product management at Syniverse. His most recent role was Director of Mobile Payments at Revolution Money, a startup which was acquired by American Express. Grilli holds an MBA from Duke University and a Masters in Computer Engineering from University of South Florida.

ClearSky Mobile Media Aligns with Quality One Wireless to Launch Certified Handset Program

ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data services and content to regional wireless carriers, today announced its partnership with Quality One Wireless to implement a Certified Handset Program to more than 50 carrier clients.

Regional wireless carriers worldwide continue to face the time-consuming and resource-intensive challenge of configuring handsets for data services in the market place. ClearSky’s Certified Handset Program virtually eliminates the carriers’ burden of preparing handsets for content, mobile Web and messaging services. Upon receipt of new handsets from Quality One Wireless, ClearSky determines compatibility, and pre-configures the handsets with appropriate network settings—without carrier intervention. Upon successful completion of a number of tests, the “ClearSky certified” handsets are then delivered to the carrier fully equipped to download content, browse the Mobile Web, and send MMS messages.

“One of ClearSky’s primary objectives is to decrease or eliminate the work required by our clients to deploy our products and services, and this is certainly accomplished through our Certified Handset Program,” said Tony Tagliareni, ClearSky EVP of sales and marketing. “With the elimination of carrier trouble shooting on new handsets, ClearSky clients will experience a significant decrease in time to market, and an increase in revenue, as new handsets traditionally generate the majority of content sales.”

“We have had an excellent experience working with ClearSky in the past, and we are pleased to repeat that success by leveraging the industry knowledge and combined 30+ years experience of both companies to offer this valuable service to mutual clients and beyond,” said John Chiorando, CEO of Quality One Wireless. “By jointly implementing a ClearSky/Q1W handset certification program, we will expedite the process associated with getting new handsets to market, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and data ARPU across our mutual client base.”

Subscribers Can Now Purchase Unlimited Web Access for a 24-hour Period with ClearSky’s New DayPass Unlimited

ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data services and content to regional wireless carriers, today announced the launch of DayPass Unlimited, allowing wireless subscribers to purchase open Web browsing access for 24 hours or another defined period of time.

Despite the ever-increasing demand for mobile Web access, the number of wireless subscribers purchasing data plans remains between 20-30 percent, leaving the vast majority of mobile subscribers without Web access. DayPass Unlimited allows subscribers without data plans to access the entire mobile Web on demand for a specific period of time.

DayPass Unlimited streamlines the purchase and subscriber billing process without involvement of customer support staff. The convenience, functionality and affordability of DayPass Unlimited, in conjunction with the popularity of mobile Web browsing, allow carriers to:

  • Increase data revenue by enabling subscribers to purchase short-term Web access
  • Reduce churn by giving subscribers access to the entire Internet
  • Sell more data plans by introducing new customers to mobile Web browsing

“Designed with the goal of maximizing data ARPU while addressing the increasing browsing needs of subscribers, DayPass Unlimited extends beyond the boundaries of ClearSky’s original DayPass by giving subscribers access to the entire mobile Web,” said ClearSky EVP of Sales and Marketing, Tony Tagliareni. “This service allows carriers to satisfy the growing demand for mobile Internet browsing by providing an inexpensive way for subscribers to access the sites they want, when they want, for a fixed price that is typically an order of magnitude less than the cost of monthly data plans.”

ClearSky Aligns with the mGive Foundation to Enable Charitable Giving via Premium SMS

ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data services and content to regional wireless carriers, today announced its alignment with The mGive Foundation to facilitate mobile donations from wireless subscribers via premium SMS (P-SMS).

Billions of charitable dollars were donated last year via text messaging, as thousands of charities integrated mobile donations into their fundraising efforts. Support for short codes allows consumers to make contributions to their charity of choice directly from their mobile phones.

“Providing our carrier clients’ subscribers the convenience of charitable giving via P-SMS is another example of how ClearSky is taking the lead by offering a much broader messaging initiative for regional wireless carriers,” says ClearSky EVP of Sales & Marketing Tony Tagliareni. “Look to ClearSky to expand our P-SMS offering in the near future. We believe a comprehensive P-SMS offering, in conjunction with the recent launch of our Multi-G SMS platform, increases our value proposition and reinforces ClearSky’s position as the premier provider of mobile data services to regional wireless carriers.”

“Mobile giving campaigns are quickly becoming a mainstay of nonprofit fundraising efforts,” said Jenifer Snyder, executive director of The mGive Foundation. “Because of the commitment of organizations like ClearSky, nonprofits will benefit by being able to reach additional donors who previously couldn’t participate in these innovative and dynamic mobile giving campaigns.”

ClearSky Signs MTPCS, LLC For Complete Mobile Entertainment Solution

ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data services and content to wireless service providers, today announced the deployment of its Messaging Platform, Mobile Web Browsing and Unified Media Center to MTPCS, LLC.

With ClearSky’s Mobile Entertainment package, MTPCS subscribers can send and receive multimedia messages, browse their favorite sites, and access ClearSky’s content-rich catalog, complete with major label ringtones and other pay-per-download (PPD) content via carrier branded WAP and Web portals that serve as a single storefront for all content types.

“ClearSky is an exact fit for our needs,” said Jonathan Foxman, President and CEO at MTPCS, LLC d/b/a Cellular One. “Their team is experienced in virtually every aspect of the wireless data field; their superior knowledge and vast variety of hosted services deliver immediate value for our company and most importantly, our subscribers.”

“MTPCS’ deployment of ClearSky’s suite of hosted services further proves our suitability for regional wireless carriers,” said Tony Tagliareni, ClearSky’s EVP of sales and marketing. “As a one-stop shop for all mobile data products and services, ClearSky enables our clients to drive higher data ARPU, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty, and compete effectively with top-tier national carriers.”

ClearSky Launches Hosted SMS

ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading provider of managed services and content to regional wireless carriers, today announced its alignment with Jinny Software to deliver hosted SMS to regional wireless carriers.

Text messaging has become a primary platform for daily communication; it is not uncommon to find people “texting” on buses, in restaurants, or even walking down the street. According to a new study from Nielsen, a global leader in measurement and consumer behavior, the average teen (ages 13-17) sends more than 3,339 text messages per month—that is nearly 110 text messages per day. The average young adult (ages 18-24) sends 1,630 texts per month—that is nearly three messages per hour. Clearly consumer demand for SMS services continues to increase, and ClearSky will provide regional wireless carriers a superior messaging platform while boosting their margins in the process.

ClearSky is the market leader in mobile data solutions and content to regional wireless carriers, currently supplying approximately 50 wireless service providers having a total of more than 6 million subscribers. The addition of hosted SMS will become an integral component of ClearSky’s portfolio of services, which already includes MMS and mobile Web browsing (WAP), along with more than 200,000 pieces of downloadable content and ringback tones from all major labels.

“Aligning with Jinny Software to offer SMS to our clients will help us reach our goal of becoming a ‘one-stop shop’ for wireless carriers,” said Bill Poellmitz, ClearSky president and CEO. “With global SMS usage expected to reach 3 billion messages annually in 2011, we are embracing this opportunity to increase SMS profitability for regional wireless carriers by providing a superior messaging platform that is both feature-rich and highly scalable.”

Richard Choi, Chief Commercial Officer at Jinny, said, “We are delighted to support this project. We have long been involved in supporting the rollout of mobile services to underserved rural areas, and we are very pleased to work with a market leader like ClearSky.”