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ClearSky Launches Hosted SMS

ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading provider of managed services and content to regional wireless carriers, today announced its alignment with Jinny Software to deliver hosted SMS to regional wireless carriers.

Text messaging has become a primary platform for daily communication; it is not uncommon to find people “texting” on buses, in restaurants, or even walking down the street. According to a new study from Nielsen, a global leader in measurement and consumer behavior, the average teen (ages 13-17) sends more than 3,339 text messages per month—that is nearly 110 text messages per day. The average young adult (ages 18-24) sends 1,630 texts per month—that is nearly three messages per hour. Clearly consumer demand for SMS services continues to increase, and ClearSky will provide regional wireless carriers a superior messaging platform while boosting their margins in the process.

ClearSky is the market leader in mobile data solutions and content to regional wireless carriers, currently supplying approximately 50 wireless service providers having a total of more than 6 million subscribers. The addition of hosted SMS will become an integral component of ClearSky’s portfolio of services, which already includes MMS and mobile Web browsing (WAP), along with more than 200,000 pieces of downloadable content and ringback tones from all major labels.

“Aligning with Jinny Software to offer SMS to our clients will help us reach our goal of becoming a ‘one-stop shop’ for wireless carriers,” said Bill Poellmitz, ClearSky president and CEO. “With global SMS usage expected to reach 3 billion messages annually in 2011, we are embracing this opportunity to increase SMS profitability for regional wireless carriers by providing a superior messaging platform that is both feature-rich and highly scalable.”

Richard Choi, Chief Commercial Officer at Jinny, said, “We are delighted to support this project. We have long been involved in supporting the rollout of mobile services to underserved rural areas, and we are very pleased to work with a market leader like ClearSky.”

ClearSky Mobile Media Launches Three New Wireless Service Provider Clients

ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading provider of managed services and content to wireless service providers, today announced the signing of three long-term contracts with Cellular One of Northeast Arizona, Cellular One of East Central Illinois and AirVoice Wireless for its full Mobile Entertainment Package.

Headquartered in Show Low, AZ, Cellular One of Northeast Arizona serves wireless subscribers in Northern Arizona and a large portion of New Mexico. ClearSky’s newest client grew from five employees to more than 200 since launching in 1994. Focused on versatility – offering services for every budget and lifestyle – Cellular One of Northeast Arizona chose to take advantage of ClearSky’s wide selection of in-demand services to enhance customer satisfaction and effectively compete with Tier 1 carriers.

Since 1991, Cellular One of East Central Illinois has differentiated itself from large corporate competitors through a commitment to personalized services and advanced technologies by continually enhancing its service offerings and network infrastructure. Licensed to serve residents in 11 counties, ClearSky’s new client is one of few independent cellular service providers in the country continuing to operate under the same ownership while other companies have changed ownership and names multiple times. Cellular One remains constant in name and quality of service.

Founded in 1999, Airvoice Wireless is a leading pre-paid wireless service provider, with agents and customers in over 40 states, as well as in Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Headquartered in Bloomfield Hills, MI, the AT&T MVNO operates independently, utilizing digital, nationwide GSM technology. The company’s mission is to provide dependable wireless service to its customers at an affordable price along with outstanding customer service. Airvoice Wireless now offers unlimited plans, Talk & Text and Talk & Text with MMS/DATA for 30 days of service.