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Subscribers Can Now Purchase Unlimited Web Access for a 24-hour Period with ClearSky’s New DayPass Unlimited

ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data services and content to regional wireless carriers, today announced the launch of DayPass Unlimited, allowing wireless subscribers to purchase open Web browsing access for 24 hours or another defined period of time.

Despite the ever-increasing demand for mobile Web access, the number of wireless subscribers purchasing data plans remains between 20-30 percent, leaving the vast majority of mobile subscribers without Web access. DayPass Unlimited allows subscribers without data plans to access the entire mobile Web on demand for a specific period of time.

DayPass Unlimited streamlines the purchase and subscriber billing process without involvement of customer support staff. The convenience, functionality and affordability of DayPass Unlimited, in conjunction with the popularity of mobile Web browsing, allow carriers to:

  • Increase data revenue by enabling subscribers to purchase short-term Web access
  • Reduce churn by giving subscribers access to the entire Internet
  • Sell more data plans by introducing new customers to mobile Web browsing

“Designed with the goal of maximizing data ARPU while addressing the increasing browsing needs of subscribers, DayPass Unlimited extends beyond the boundaries of ClearSky’s original DayPass by giving subscribers access to the entire mobile Web,” said ClearSky EVP of Sales and Marketing, Tony Tagliareni. “This service allows carriers to satisfy the growing demand for mobile Internet browsing by providing an inexpensive way for subscribers to access the sites they want, when they want, for a fixed price that is typically an order of magnitude less than the cost of monthly data plans.”