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ClearSky Mobile Media Rebrands as ClearSky Technologies Inc. and Expands Corporate Headquarters

One week after launching its LTE Services Suite, ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc. announced its decision to change the company’s name to ClearSky Technologies, Inc., and to expand its corporate office in Orlando to accommodate its continued growth.

As the leading provider of mobile data services to regional wireless carriers, ClearSky is shifting its public image to better reflect the company’s ever-expanding network infrastructure services portfolio. While ClearSky continues to deliver mobile media, its primary focus is to offer a comprehensive suite of data technologies to its regional carrier clients, allowing them to maximize data ARPU and compete effectively with top tier carriers. This objective is accomplished through the following key hosted products and services:

  • LTE Services Suite
  • Multi-G SMS Service
  • Multi-G MMS Service
  • Mobile Internet Gateway
  • Local and Common Shortcode

In conjunction with the company’s name change, ClearSky is moving its headquarters to a new, much larger facility in downtown Orlando. The new suite includes a state-of-the-art NOC and a fully operational LTE Radio Access Network to support LTE field demonstrations. Now, with offices and data centers in Orlando, Dallas and Boulder, ClearSky is well positioned geographically to service its growing client community.

“Over the past few years, it has become evident that the name ‘ClearSky Mobile Media’ no longer accurately describes our business. We have significantly broadened our capabilities and strengthened our market position by launching a wide array of industry-leading services,” said ClearSky President & CEO Bill Poellmitz. “For example, our innovative LTE Services Suite addresses one of our clients’ critical needs to bring 4G services to the rural marketplace. As ClearSky Technologies, we remain committed to delivering a complete one-stop data solution to our nearly 80 wireless carrier clients.”

ClearSky Launches Hosted LTE Services Suite

ClearSky Mobile Media, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data services to regional wireless carriers, today announced the launch of its hosted LTE Services Suite to allow regional mobile network operators, cable MSOs, and wireless broadband providers to offer state-of-the-art 4G LTE service to their customers with minimal expense and effort.

As the three largest U.S. carriers rapidly build out LTE networks, regional carriers face the challenge of staying in step with the industry while dealing with the cost and complexities of building LTE networks on their own. ClearSky’s LTE Services Suite enables smaller carriers to offer high-speed, low-cost, reliable 4G data services to subscribers in rural areas. The LTE Services Suite includes:

  • Hosted Evolved Packed Core (EPC)
  • Radio Access Network (RAN)
  • Integrated billing and provisioning
  • Installation and ongoing support

ClearSky’s Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and the Radio Access Network (RAN) are bundled in a variety of ways to accelerate and simplify launch of LTE services, and to accommodate carriers’ individual requirements. The EPC can scale from supporting just a few base stations to an unlimited number. The RAN features the latest technology advancements to reduce both size and cost, while offering a wide range of macro/micro/pico cell configurations that can simultaneously support LTE, GSM/UMTS and CDMA. ClearSky’s comprehensive solution includes billing/provisioning integration and 24×7 support for all components.

“We are working diligently to address every aspect of LTE network deployment and operations so that our carrier clients can deliver the best possible user experience to their subscribers,” said ClearSky CEO Bill Poellmitz. “Not only will our clients have access to superior network technology and support services, but our commitment to an open LTE ecosystem of devices and roaming partners will ensure access to all the key services needed to build the converged 4G network of the future.”