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Wireless Carriers Manage and Monetize Rapid Growth in Data Traffic Using ClearSky’s Total Traffic Manager

ClearSky Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of mobile data services to regional wireless carriers, launches Total Traffic Manager (TTM) to enable carrier clients to manage exponential growth in data traffic while increasing revenue from data plans.

In many networks, only 0.5% of subscribers consume 80 percent of a carrier’s data network bandwidth. Carriers need to keep increasing capacity just to satisfy this small percentage of users, which is not cost effective. ClearSky’s TTM allows carriers to manage their existing resources, while adding the capability to charge for incremental services. Additionally, TTM provides carriers visibility to what data traffic is running through their networks, thereby allowing them to identify new products and services to increase data ARPU.

TTM empowers carriers by giving them the tools to manage today’s exponential growth in data traffic—for example, carriers can:

  • Detect tethering (connecting a laptop to a handset) and incrementally charge the subscriber for using his or her phone as a “hotspot.”
  • Implement structured or tiered data plans (such as 2GB of data for $20/month, 5GB for $40/month) to acquire new data subscribers with attractive introductory plans, while charging heavy users more. TTM can also offer a subscriber-initiated upgrade to a larger data plan.
  • Apply data traffic rules, such as a “fair usage” policy, under which streaming apps are bit-rate limited after the first 30 seconds. This keeps traffic congestion evenly distributed by preventing a few heavy users from “hogging” all the bandwidth.
  • Prevent “bill shock” by tracking data usage and sending a notification as subscribers reach their usage thresholds.
  • Work with ClearSky’s subject-matter experts to study data traffic and identify new revenue-generating opportunities and drive higher data ARPU.

TTM actively monitors and analyzes data traffic as it flows through the carrier’s network, and then generates actions based on detailed analysis and pre-configured rules. This is accomplished by placing the ClearSky TTM Enforcement Platform in the data stream to measure traffic and subscriber patterns, and perform real-time traffic policy enforcement. The end result is the ability to create and bill for new services, satisfy existing subscribers with fair allocation of resources, and minimize costs of future network expansion.