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MTPCS Selects ClearSky’s Total Traffic Manager to Control and Monetize High-Speed Data Traffic

ClearSky Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data services to regional wireless carriers, today announced the signing of a multi-year agreement with MTPCS, LLC, d.b.a. Cellular One for Total Traffic Manager (TTM). Recognizing the value and importance of traffic control, MTPCS joins many other regional carriers that have selected ClearSky’s TTM to manage and monetize their data traffic.

Data-hungry, Internet-based mobile services dominate today’s smartphone-centric world; YouTube alone comprises 25 percent of all mobile traffic (Source: Wireless Week). Higher demand on mobile networks means more subscribers sharing limited spectrum, and the lack of comprehensive traffic management and policy enforcement can result in network congestion and customer support calls from disgruntled subscribers complaining about service degradation.

MTPCS is the latest regional carrier to choose ClearSky’s TTM to monitor and analyze data traffic as it flows through the carrier’s network. TTM provides real-time traffic visibility, and then generates actions based on a detailed analysis and a set of pre-configured rules or policies. By gaining insight into why and how traffic is impacting the performance of its network, MTPCS can define and enforce network policies, satisfy subscribers with fair allocation of resources, and ensure traffic flow continues unaffected–even if capacity limits are exceeded.

“ClearSky has worked with us to tailor its traffic management solution to fulfill all of our specific policy requirements. TTM enables us to reduce ‘wasted’ data without weakening the customer experience, identify top devices, sites, protocols and data users, and shape the user experience according to protocol (i.e., streaming video, streaming audio, P2P sharing),” said Michael Metcalf, EVP/CTO at MTPCS. “We also needed the flexibility to implement additional policies in the future, such as tethering detection, a customized social media package, and tiered data plans including “top off” policies and bill shock notification. Our objective is to use bandwidth more effectively, and TTM delivers the unique features and flexibility to help us reach that goal.”

“The deployment strategy behind ClearSky’s TTM is unlike that of most other solutions on the market. Rather than the traditional installation of a platform in the carrier’s network, charging a license fee, and moving on to the next sale, ClearSky works with its clients to configure, recommend and deploy specific policies,” said ClearSky Director of Product Management Lou Grilli. “Our exposure to the data traffic challenges faced daily by our 80 carrier customers uniquely qualifies us to add significant value to their traffic and policy management.”

About MTPCS, LLC d.b.a. Cellular One

Formed in 2005, MTPCS, LLC has grown into one of the largest regional wireless carriers in the United States. Operating under the Cellular One brand, MTPCS serves customers in Montana, Texas, Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. MTPCS’s success comes from providing its customers with greater value and exceptional service in markets typically underserved by national carriers.  MTPCS’s service area covers a population exceeding 2 million, and the company employs over 400 people across the United States.  For more information, visit: