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Check out our new video, featuring Total Traffic Manager (TTM) to learn how TTM enables carriers to manage exponential growth in data traffic while increasing data revenue.

Great Plains Communications Selects ClearSky Technologies to Launch Hosted LTE

ORLANDO, FL, November 20, 2013—ClearSky Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of hosted mobile data infrastructure and managed services to wireless operators, today announced the signing of its newest LTE Services Suite customer, Great Plains Communications. As the largest independent telecommunications company in Nebraska, Great Plains Communications will deliver high-speed, low-cost wireless broadband access that was previously unavailable to many of the rural areas it serves in Custer County. This new service is scheduled to be available starting in the second quarter, 2014.

“By selecting LTE as their platform to extend broadband and voice services to rural markets, Great Plains is continuing its tradition of community service through technology leadership,” said ClearSky Senior Vice President of Business Development, Dean Fresonke. “We are committed to supporting these efforts by addressing every aspect of LTE deployment so that Great Plains can deliver the best possible user experience to the 90 rural communities they serve.”

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ClearSky CSMO Tony Tagliareni Talks Hosted LTE, Small Cell and Traffic & Policy Management at CariCam

ClearSky Technologies Signs MTA for Traffic and Policy Management

ORLANDO, FL, October 15, 2013—ClearSky Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data infrastructure and services to regional wireless carriers, today announced the signing of a multi-year agreement with its newest Total Traffic Manager (TTM) customer, MTA. The Alaskan carrier chose ClearSky’s traffic and policy management solution to deliver flexible, tailored data plans to subscribers while increasing data ARPU.

“Our current practice is to notify subscribers when they reach 50, 75 and 100 percent of their data caps. Deploying TTM in our network enables us to take it a step further and present an advice-of-charge page to facilitate the purchase of additional access,” said Carolyn Hanson, MTA Director of Sales and Marketing. “Subscribers can self-manage their data plans while we maximize data ARPU from the purchase of incremental data.”

In addition to “topping up” when threshold limits are reached, MTA subscribers can also choose a plan that permits tethering. TTM detects when a tablet or laptop is connected, and then sends an SMS alert that gives the subscriber the opportunity to upgrade to a superior plan. For example, for an additional monthly charge, a subscriber may connect his or her handset to an unlimited number of other devices. This improved model helps the carrier maintain customer satisfaction while generating incremental revenue.

“With real-time visibility to the traffic flowing through their network, MTA can manage their heavy traffic while increasing revenue from new, more flexible data plans,” said Tony Tagliareni, ClearSky Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “We are proud to expand our long-term and highly valued relationship with MTA to include this cost-effective traffic and policy management solution.”

About MTA

Matanuska Telephone Association (MTA) is a member-owned cooperative founded in 1953 to bring telephone service to rural South-Central Alaska. Today, MTA delivers some of the most advanced communications products available in the marketplace, including Local, Long Distance, Wireless, Internet, Business, Directory and Digital TV services. The MTA service area covers over 10,000 square miles–south to Eagle River, north to Anderson, east to Glacier View, and west to Skwentna. MTA stores are located in Eagle River, Palmer, and Wasilla, Alaska. For more information, visit

Evolve the Traditional Unlimited Data Plan with Intelligent Traffic Management

Three Policies Proven to Eliminate Congestion, Cut Costs and Boost Data ARPU

Once offered by the five largest US carriers, unlimited data plans began to decline significantly last year as all top tier heavyweights scaled back on the option, and the two largest carriers completely discontinued it for new customers. Unlimited usage means limited carrier control, which often leads to high roaming costs, network congestion, and ultimately a poor end-user experience. Regional carriers can achieve market differentiation from Tier 1 competition by offering unlimited data plans; however, to avoid the same problems, these carriers must implement effective traffic management and policy enforcement.

Below are three traffic management policies that ClearSky’s Total Traffic Manager (TTM) customers have successfully deployed to enhance the traditional unlimited data plan with greater carrier control, increased data ARPU, reduced roaming costs, and a better overall experience for subscribers.

Tethering Detection and Enforcement

Subscribers with unlimited data access often connect their laptops, tablets, game systems, and even smart TVs and Blue-ray players to their phones via Wi-Fi, enabling them to enjoy high-speed Internet through their cellular data plans. In most cases, the plan is priced for just one smartphone, not a household full of connected devices, which means the carrier is missing incremental revenue opportunities. One ClearSky customer capitalized on this behavior by implementing tethering detection, enabling tethered users to opt-in to the service for an additional fee, and enforcing a policy that limits bandwidth on unauthorized devices. The carrier experienced a 65% reduction in tethered traffic, and 29 GB of data savings in the first eight hours after the policy was implemented.

Throughput Reduction for Heavy Users

Even when data access is unlimited, the amount of backhaul all subscribers must share is still limited, and a few data-hungry video junkies often cause network congestion and interrupt the high-speed experience for other subscribers on the same site. In one case, ClearSky analyzed the data traffic of a carrier customer to find that 11 users accounted for 13% of total bandwidth in a two-day period. To ensure fair allocation of resources, this carrier defined and enforced a policy to reduce the throughput used for data-intensive applications such as streaming, and make that bandwidth available to all subscribers. By controlling traffic, the carrier managed to prevent congestion, while still accommodating subscribers’ need for speed.

Limited Data Access for Roamers

Unlimited plans generally allow subscribers to continue using unlimited data even when roaming on another network. While the subscriber does not usually incur any additional cost, the carrier must pay wholesale roaming, GRX and clearinghouse charges, which often cost more than the subscriber’s monthly bill. To rectify this losing proposition and avoid roaming costs, one ClearSky customer took control of data roaming by reducing speed to 50 kbps after a roaming subscriber consumes 100 MB of data—the carrier decreased their data roaming expense by more than 20%.

To evolve and enhance the traditional unlimited data plan with the strategies listed above, carriers must first understand the unique behavior and traffic patterns of their subscribers. ClearSky’s TTM, a sophisticated traffic and policy creation, management and enforcement service, provides carriers real-time visibility to the data traffic running through their networks. Using TTM, ClearSky actively monitors and analyzes data usage to identify and recommend policies that best accommodate a carrier’s unique subscriber base, as well as looking for opportunities to boost data ARPU. To help educate subscribers about their own usage and practices, TTM can generate text alerts to subscribers when tethering is detected or when certain events occur (e.g., user starts a data session while roaming). To learn more about ClearSky’s Total Traffic Manager visit or email info [at] csky [dot] com.

ClearSky SVP, Business Development Talks Small Cell on CCA Fall Heterogeneous Networks Panel Discussion

CCA Members to Benefit from Hosted Solution for Small Cell as a Service

Cellcom to provide services for CDMA Carriers; ClearSky Technologies to host GSM carriers

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Competitive Carriers Association announced that two of its members will offer Small Cell as a Service (SCaaS) to CCA carrier members. Cellcom began offering femtocells to their customers early this year and has agreed to share its small cell core through a hosted solution for other CDMA operators. ClearSky commenced its Small Cell as a Service (SCaaS) operation in mid-2012 and is hosting a femtocell solution for GSM carriers. CCA’s Business Innovation Group identified the need for SCaaS to address CCA carrier members’ most immediate needs, and Cellcom and ClearSky Technologies will offer their respective solutions to CCA members.

Today’s wireless customers expect consistent, high-quality coverage in exchange for their loyalty. Macro cellular networks alone cannot fulfill this expectation, so carriers across the world are turning to small cells to deliver ubiquitous coverage and avoid losing valuable customers.  SCaaS solutions will allow carriers to fill coverage gaps in their own markets in a cost effective way and enable operators to expand network capacity, reduce roaming costs, extend the battery life of devices and decrease capital expenditures.

“I am delighted CCA members will benefit from these SCaaS solutions,” said Steven K. Berry, President & CEO of CCA.  “Cellcom is providing solutions for other CDMA carriers, while  ClearSky Technologies will host a solution for GSM carriers.  Both Cellcom and ClearSky are long-time CCA members, and their respective innovative services will help smaller competitive carriers find solutions to their network capacity challenges.  CCA’s goal is to ensure a competitive mobile ecosystem, and I am glad to see real progress being made to meet our carriers’ every day challenges as a result of the work of our Business Innovation Group.”

“Network demand will require all carriers to rollout small cells targeted to high use and underserved areas,” said Robert H. Riordan, Executive Vice President of Cellcom.  “Sharing our switching core will allow all regional and small CDMA carriers to benefit from the economies of scale that our large counterparts take for granted.  Sharing the core, staff, training and marketing expertise will not only make it possible for all CDMA carriers to provide the basic services needed but also build a platform for advanced services for our customer, their homes and their enterprises.”

“Tier 1 carriers around the world have turned away from repeaters and bi-directional amplifiers, and have embraced small cells to increase coverage and capacity for situations ranging from single family homes to large office buildings and public spaces such as airports and shopping centers,” said Bill Poellmitz, ClearSky CEO.  “We have assembled a wide range of in-building devices and the gateway infrastructure that enables regional GSM carriers to deploy the exact same technology as national carriers at a fraction of the cost and effort.  Moreover, our femtocell gateway is in production, which expedites time-to-market”

About CCA

CCA is the nation’s leading association for competitive wireless providers and stakeholders across the United States. The licensed service area of CCA’s more than 100 carrier members covers 95 percent of the nation. Visit

About Cellcom

Cellcom is an innovative wireless company that provides nationwide service for its customer base throughout Wisconsin and Michigan, with nearly 70 retail and agent locations. Cellcom is respected for its long-standing reputation of delivering extraordinary customer care, being a strong community partner, and for its renowned network, which is customized to its rural markets. As a subsidiary of Nsight, Cellcom is part of a family of companies offering complete telecommunications services.  To learn more about Cellcom, visit

NewCore Wireless Selects ClearSky Technologies to Deliver Real-time Traffic and Policy Management to its Carrier Partners

ORLANDO, FL, September 15, 2013–ClearSky Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of mobile data services to regional wireless carriers, today announced the signing of a multi-year agreement with its newest Total Traffic Manager (TTM) customer: NewCore Wireless, LLC.

“We selected ClearSky’s TTM solution because of its unique features and flexibility that enable each carrier partner to implement its own set of policies,” said NewCore Wireless General Manager and COO Albert Kangas. “Our business partners can define and enforce network policies like tethering detection, shared data plans and bill shock notifications–all with the option to implement additional policies in the future. We are excited to add this essential tool to our toolbox.”

Today’s surge in data traffic will only benefit carriers that can manage and monetize the increased consumption, which is why NewCore Wireless and so many regional carriers are turning to ClearSky’s TTM for traffic and policy management. This solution empowers NewCore Wireless’ business partners with the ability to implement policies that manage exponential growth in traffic while increasing data ARPU. For example, these carriers can:

  • Offer data plans that include a limited amount of access (e.g., 2GB for $20, then provide subscribers the ability to self-manage their data plans to purchase incremental data access).
  • Provide bronze, silver and gold tiered pricing plans based on levels of throughput.
  • Detect when a tablet or laptop is connected and charging an additional fee (e.g., $20 extra per month to allow tethering).

“NewCore Wireless presents a unique opportunity to deliver our real-time traffic and policy management solution to multiple carriers in a single agreement. Our exposure to the data traffic challenges faced by more than 70 carrier customers enabled us to design a comprehensive solution that addresses these challenges and adds significant value to their traffic and policy management,” said ClearSky CEO Bill Poellmitz. “Using TTM, NewCore Wireless’ business partners can satisfy customers with fair allocation of resources, and ensure traffic flow continues unaffected, even if capacity limits are reached.”

About NewCore Wireless

NewCore Wireless is the leading full-service hosted wireless switching provider offering solutions to carriers. Our Switching Platforms are capable of providing 2G (GSM), 3G (UMTS) and 4G (LTE) wireless services. We also provide Value Added Services like SMS, MMS, voicemail, prepaid, E911, CALEA and CMAS that allow small carriers the opportunity to compete on the same level as Tier 1 carriers. NewCore Wireless was founded in 2008 with the mission of providing innovative technology solutions to rural carriers that deliver scalable, end-to-end solutions. We offer each of our network partners the flexibility to run their own wireless business without the added expense of the core network. The company is headquartered in St. Cloud, MN. For more information, visit

ClearSky Technologies Deploys Hosted LTE Infrastructure to Serve Booming Economy in North Dakota

ORLANDO, FL, September 13, 2013—ClearSky Technologies, Inc. today announced the rollout of its hosted LTE Services Suite in North Dakota, a state thriving from the biggest oil and natural gas boom in its history. Consolidated Telcom selected ClearSky to satisfy the influx of new workers and businesses demanding high-speed wireless broadband.

“The oil boom is bringing thousands of tech-savvy wireless data users to North Dakota while at the same time farming has become a highly sophisticated, technology-driven business,” said ClearSky SVP of Business Development Dean Fresonke. “Consolidated has a vision to bring wireless broadband to their vast service area to meet the needs of this evolving customer base. We have worked diligently to address every aspect of their LTE network deployment and ongoing operations so that Consolidated can deliver the best possible user experience to their new subscribers.”

“New subdivisions are cropping up in southwestern North Dakota faster than we can find them on a map. There is a real urgency to providing these areas with services, as they have few, if any, options for broadband services from other providers,” said Consolidated CEO and GM Paul Schuetzler. “ClearSky’s LTE Services Suite enables us to offer high-speed, low-cost, reliable 4G data services to our fast-growing subscriber population.”

ClearSky’s centrally hosted Evolved Packet Core (EPC) and field-deployed Radio Access Network (RAN) are bundled in a variety of ways to accelerate and simplify the launch of LTE services and to accommodate carriers’ individual requirements. The EPC can scale from supporting just a few base stations to an unlimited number. The RAN features the latest technology advancements to reduce both size and cost, while offering a wide range of cell site configurations. ClearSky’s comprehensive solution includes billing and provisioning integration as well as sourcing tower installation, end-user devices and SIM cards.

ClearSky Featured in Business World Magazine

ClearSky has been an industry-leading innovator of services that add functionality, increase coverage, and enhance capacity for over a decade. Today, ClearSky services more than 60 wireless operators throughout North and South America. From interactive messaging platforms for SMS and MMS to a first-of-its-kind small cell gateway, ClearSky’s services have allowed regional wireless carriers to stay competitive, and for national carriers, it is quickly deploying targeted solutions to service specific target markets.

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