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“Dangerously Hot Temperatures Expected as Massive Heat Dome Envelops Much of U.S.”

You may have noticed that the La Niña conditions have brought hotter-than-normal weather to most of the U.S. this summer. According to meteorologists at the Weather Channel, only central and south Texas are likely to escape the heat. Here in Orlando the heat index has been over 100 degrees almost every day for the past two months. My family and I decided to head to the Pacific Northwest to get some respite, and ran into 108 degree weather in Pendleton, Oregon!
So what does this have to do with the wireless industry? Well, here’s the connection: Although the weather has been hot, densifying networks with small cells might be even hotter! According to industry sources, deployment of macro base stations has reached a saturation point-where further economic investment is not justified. One major manufacturer of base stations boldly states that HetNets are the only path forward.

In spite of the economic challenges the cellular operators are facing, their customers still crave reliable, ubiquitous coverage. Intelligent deployment of small cells can make a giant leap toward simultaneously meeting the economic and technical challenges. Nearly four years ago, ClearSky launched its SCaaS (Small Cell as a Service) offering that enabled operators in North America to enhance both coverage and capacity where needed. We launch, operate, maintain, upgrade and monitor the small cell gateway, dramatically reducing the capital cost and operating expenses borne by the operator.

But to solve the problem efficiently, it is crucial to know exactly where small cell installation will produce the biggest “bang for the buck.” Our carrier clients have surgically deployed small cells in residences, businesses, and in busy outdoor venues. The most common obstacle to solving coverage and capacity issues is confirming where such issues exist. ClearSky’s NetView 360® HetNet planning tool compares traffic demand with actual coverage, and makes specific recommendations on how to address the issues it uncovers-build new macros, add indoor/outdoor small cells, or a combination. NetView 360 can even take into account the availability of backhaul attachment points for each new access point.

As we endure the last few weeks of extreme summer heat, the ClearSky team is ready, willing and able to help you identify “hot spots” in your network, and give your subscribers the “sizzling” data speeds and coverage they thirst for.