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Holistic HetNet Design at 4m Resolution

Imagine a world where Mobile Network Operators’ (MNOs) network engineering can improve results with input and guidance from other organizations such as sales, marketing and customer service. Historically, RF network decisions have always been made by network engineering management, and rightly so, since they had the RF design tools to tell them how to improve coverage and/or increase capacity in their macro networks. The move toward heterogeneous networks (HetNets) has changed the game. Suddenly the tried and true RF design tools used to build macro networks are as useful as a butcher’s cleaver for laser eye surgery.

Now imagine an RF design platform and service that can provide RF propagation with one-meter resolution and indoor/outdoor traffic maps with four-meter resolution.  When this leading edge design platform creates your HetNet design, you can conduct a “Show Me” analysis using different layers that can represent both network performance and operational metrics such as churn, subscriber demographics, and marketing zones.

A “Show Me” example could be: “Show Me all the locations where I should add a small cell in my top ten marketing zones known to have poor coverage, and where I know I have high churn among subscribers with annual incomes of at least $75,000.” Suppose the results of the “Show Me” analysis indicate you should deploy 550 small cells, but you only have enough budget for 175. To resolve this trade-off you can use the NetView 360 platform to analyze the 550 locations and prioritize each location based on any of the aforementioned layers, thus enabling you to deploy 175 small cells where they will provide the most impact. We call that: The low hanging fruit!

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