GCI Deploys Northernmost Small Cell in America

“Can you hear me now? How about now?” When was the last time you had that exact same conversation? Everybody expects excellent cellular service whether they’re outside or indoors —  regardless of their proximity to a cell site. And when Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) cannot deliver on the promise of ubiquitous coverage, subscribers tend to…

ClearSky Technologies Launches Small Cell as a Service in Alaska with GCI

Deployment of residential small cells addresses capacity and coverage issues to reduce churn.

ORLANDO, FL, November 19, 2015 – ClearSky Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of hosted mobile data infrastructure and managed services to wireless operators, today announced that GCI, Alaska’s largest Mobile Network Operator (MNO), has launched its Small Cell as a Service (SCaaS) into commercial production. GCI signed a multi-year contract with ClearSky earlier this year to further improve coverage and capacity for its wireless users.