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Billing Integration

RevShareClearSky Technologies’ billing integration tool, RevShare, is a hosted service that enables carriers to efficiently charge content purchases directly to subscribers’ pre-paid or post-paid accounts. This tool acts as the central mediation platform between the Content Management System (CMS), and the legacy billing system(s) for all event-based transactions, and translates each event into a billing system transaction record.

Key Features

  • Comprehensive set of reports that enable carriers to track all billing events in near real-time
  • Secure VPN connection established between the carrier’s network and ClearSky Technologies’ data center
  • Manages the billing of any chargeable event
  • Supports billing for third-party content in addition to ClearSky Technologies’ content

For post-paid accounts, the CMS and RevShare communicate through an API to authorize the transaction and transmit a Call Detail Record (CDR), to the carrier’s post-paid billing system. For pre-paid accounts, RevShare calls the pre-paid platform in real time via an API. If the subscriber has sufficient funds for the purchase, RevShare authorizes delivery of the content. When CMS notifies RevShare that the content has been successfully downloaded to the handset, RevShare instructs the pre-paid platform to debit the pre-paid subscriber’s account accordingly.