Manage your high-speed data traffic

Cloud Traffic Manager

Although smartphones have skyrocketed in popularity, nearly 50 percent of phones in use today are feature phones. To deliver more advanced features and services to this vast mobile population, ClearSky Technologies has designed Cloud Traffic Manager (CTM), which replaces the limited functionality of traditional WAP Gateways with the latest in real-time traffic and policy management.

The Cloud Traffic Manager actively monitors and analyzes WAP traffic, and allows carriers to identify and create new services to increase data revenue; for example, offering more tailored data plans based on varied levels of throughput. Hosted in ClearSky Technologies’ data center, CTM also eliminates the need for carriers to purchase expensive hardware, thereby minimizing up-front costs.

This advanced gateway function for feature phones supports both open access and walled garden instances simultaneously. Open access permits subscribers that have purchased a data plan to browse the entire mobile Web, while walled garden users are restricted to just sites where they can purchase pay-per-download content, such as ringtones, images, and games. With the walled garden service, you can offer downloadable content to 100% of your subscriber base, not just those subscribers that have purchased a data plan. The flexibility to sell both types of mobile Web access allows tailored mobile data strategies to specific circumstances and demographics.

Cloud Traffic Manager enables carriers to:

  • Gain real-time insight and measurements of subscriber behavior, such as clicks and visits.
  • Communicate account information and promotions via an advisory page.
  • Offer tailored plans with tiered data access based on time, volume, speed, or content (e.g., social media or YouTube).
  • Manage and control roaming costs and on-network usage.
  • Reduce CAPEX with minimal upfront costs.

As your network grows, Cloud Traffic Manager promotes a smooth upgrade path to ClearSky Technologies’ Total Traffic Manager (TTM), which provides real-time traffic and policy enforcement for all of your data traffic, not just WAP traffic.