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iCode® Common Shortcode Service

The iCode® Common Shortcode platform allows carriers to run up to 6,000 common shortcodes with the ability to push text messages to their mobile customers. The service includes high-traffic shortcodes such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook, along with banking, retail, and national brands. It also offers mobile giving shortcode options that allow rural subscribers to participate in charitable donation programs.

Many carriers lack the resources to manage aggregators, campaigns, and individual shortcodes. ClearSky Technologies works with the aggregators on a daily basis—so carrier’s customers do not have to! The iCode Common Shortcode Service offers a single point of integration to multiple shortcode aggregators, along with the tools for easy campaign management. ClearSky Technologies hosts and manages the shortcode platform for standard rate shortcodes; this includes:

  • Managing the partner and aggregator relationships.
  • Handling the process of adding shortcodes.
  • Working with carriers to provision them on their SMS-C.
  • Testing all the codes carriers want to offer.

Whether it’s texting an inquiry to Google, posting on Twitter, or sending mobile donations to charity, common shortcodes are a competitive must-have in today’s wireless world. Shortcodes are part of a multi-billion-dollar phenomenon that is often lost by the rural wireless community because many large aggregators are unwilling to work with lower tier carriers. To address this issue, ClearSky Technologies has connected with key aggregators by leveraging its significant customer base and large geographical footprint.

iCode Common Shortcode Fact Sheet

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