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Twitter Interconnect

From breaking news to friend and celebrity updates, people worldwide want instant coverage of what’s happening, as it happens. This demand for instant notification is exactly why consumers are obsessed with Twitter. Once you add the Twitter Interconnect to your ClearSky Technologies services, subscribers will be able to send and receive tweets directly on their handsets.

Key Features

  • Works on all SMS-capable handsets.
  • Multiple language support.
  • Similar to desktop Web experience.
  • Real-time communication.
  • Personalization features.

Carrier Benefits

      • Promote a more connected community of subscribers–driving additional usage and revenue.
      • Increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.
      • Compete effectively with top-tier carriers.
      • Boost SMS traffic.

While they’re on the go, users can send invites, mark updates as favorites, update their locations, send private messages, start and stop following specific users – all from their mobile phones!
Twitter Interconnect will give subscribers full access to the most popular third-party SMS service in the world, and allow carriers to stay competitive with the largest national carriers.


Twitter Interconnect fact sheet (PDF)