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NetView 360

NetView 360 Overview

Today, more than ever, wireless operators must derive the maximum value from every asset. At the same time, competitive forces and customer expectations mandate constant improvement in network performance and user experience. Carriers are faced with optimizing network performance while minimizing both capital costs and operating costs. NetView 360 delivers customized recommendations that allow operators to address coverage and capacity issues in a highly cost-effective manner. It can also incorporate business and/or marketing analytics to produce a set of actionable recommendations to fulfill specific objectives such as reducing churn, preserving high-value accounts or targeting new demographics.
ClearSky offers a unique, multi-operator, wireless data traffic analysis capability combined with high-resolution 3D RF modeling in a service called NetView 360®. Using NetView 360, ClearSky’s professional services team has generated robust and cost-effective network optimization and design solutions for a wide range of wireless operators. Customers include the largest operators in the U.S., national carriers in small island nations, and rural operators across North America.

Components of the NetView 360 Service

NetView-360-SequenceThe NetView 360 service combines state-of-the-art data traffic analysis, 3D building modeling, and high-resolution RF propagation modeling tools with a team of experts from ClearSky’s professional services team. ClearSky team members are skilled in RF engineering, statistics, data mining, big data analytics and software development.
As represented in the diagram, the NetView 360 service comprises six modules organized into a logical sequence. The service aggregates a large variety of data sources, some of which are collected directly by the NetView 360 team and some of which come from our clients. Each module combines ClearSky’s internally developed software, methods, and procedures to generate the most useful deliverables.
Since NetView 360 is modular in nature services can be delivered “a la carte” from any of the six modules. Some modules are standalone, with no dependency on any other module; however, some modules require the output from a previous module as prerequisite to their use.

Because of its flexibility and capability, NetView 360 is used by a wide variety of clients:

  • Cellular Network Operators
  • Private Network Operators
  • Tower Companies
  • Fiber Backhaul Providers
  • Wireless Equipment Manufacturers
  • Government Regulatory Agencies

Learn more about the problems NetView 360 can solve for your organization by contacting a ClearSky account representative and arranging a live webinar specific to your industry.

NetView 360 Client Testimonials

“The level of detail and time to complete the project exceeded our expectations.  We had everything we needed—and more—in less than three months, including a detailed traffic map of demand and a plan to add small cells and macro cells in specific locations. The level of resolution in the NetView 360 model is like nothing we’ve seen before in the industry. Most important, ClearSky’s team was with us every step of the way.”
Andrew Gayle, COO
GTA TeleGuam

“ClearSky experts delivered an unbiased approach to determine how to best increase capacity.  The end result was a comprehensive plan to keep our network fully optimized regardless of changes and complexities.”
Bobby McAvoy, EVP & CTO

“ClearSky’s NetView 360 optimization and planning tool was an integral part of our comprehensive network optimization strategy. Their experience with handling complex networks saved us significant time and money. The NetView 360 process considered all variables such as frequency band, building geometry, clutter and availability of backhaul to recommend a solution for maximum network performance and efficiency. The ClearSky team delivered complete results to CellularOne® in just two weeks.”
Jake Kasper, Data Services and Product Development Manager
CellularOne of East Central Illinois