Manage your high-speed data traffic

NetView 360

While operators and industry experts around the world recognize small cells as the most effective solution to fill coverage gaps and increase network capacity, those unable to pinpoint the best locations and analyze the impact to the entire wireless network will not realize the full benefits. Answering questions such as “Where will small cells have the most impact?” “Should they be indoor or outdoor?” or “How much will they improve my macrocell network performance?” is difficult if not impossible with traditional RF planning methodologies.

NetView 360 eliminates the guesswork by offering a comprehensive service for designing heterogeneous networks. Operators can now accurately plan a true HetNet including indoor/outdoor small cells, macro, Wi-Fi and other spectrum, product, and technology solutions. By combining innovative traffic modeling, high-resolution RF planning, backhaul/real estate assessment, and comparative business case analysis in a scalable manner, NetView 360 enables operators to confidently plan for coverage, capacity, and subscriber end user improvements.

NetView 360 Fact Sheet

Carrier Benefits:

  • Run analysis of all tools in the toolbox to develop a long term strategy
  • Quantify the number of small cells required and quickly identify optimal placements
  • Determine indoor small cell quantities while greatly reducing time-consuming iBwave design
  • Avoid high-cost building outline or GIS purchase
  • Produce offload and interference analysis via data usage traffic maps
  • Anchor a design with real estate and backhaul options and fit the design to reality

Product Features:

  • Hotspot identification: Indoor/outdoor traffic map at 4m resolution
  • Coverage/Quality Analysis: Full indoor/outdoor 1m propagation modeling capability
  • Technology agnostic: compatible with WCDMA/UMTS, 3G1x/EVDO, LTE, and Wi-Fi
  • Per-building prioritization by technical and business combined analysis
  • Scalability: automatic indoor designs to quantify and model indoor small cell impact
  • Advanced reporting: ability to generate highly granular reports on any attribute
  • Holistic Analysis: macro and small cell analysis to quantify “entire network” impact
  • Technical and business analysis: Pre/post analysis on technical, time-to-market, TCO, and ROI impact