Vision to get you to the next G



With the ProVision tool, carriers are allowed to manage all ClearSky Technologies services through a single, integrated provisioning system. ProVision acts as a gateway so that just one method of provisioning will activate and maintain components such as MMS-C.

ProVision offers three different options for provisioning. Using any of the following methods, ProVision can provision virtually any mobile content system component.

  • Customer Service Representative (CSR) access through a Web portal
  • Direct connection to the carrier’s legacy provisioning systems
  • Auto provisioning through a special mobile Web interface on the handsets

The most popular implementation of ProVision is a direct interface to your legacy provisioning system via ProVision’s published API. This automated, real-time interface ensures that the data services associated with subscribers’ records, in both the customer care and billing systems (i.e., feature codes), are consistent with the data services provided by ClearSky Technologies (i.e. MMS-C).