Small cell as a service

Small Cell as a Service

The most commonly cited reason for changing mobile operators is “poor coverage” (Source: IGR). Today’s wireless consumers expect to receive consistent, high-quality service, with the same speed and coverage regardless of their location; traditional macro cellular networks alone cannot fulfill this expectation. Small cells are often necessary to provide high-quality voice, high-speed data, and additional value to services in residential, office, and public areas.

Small Cell as a Service (SCaaS) can be deployed by wireless operators to cost-effectively address a number of operational challenges:

  • Improving in-building coverage (i.e., office buildings, big box stores, and malls)
  • Offloading data traffic from their core networks
  • Eliminating poor coverage within subscriber residences
  • Reducing roaming costs by filling coverage gaps in their own markets

ClearSky Technologies’ hosted Small Cell Neutral Gateway together with a complete portfolio of plug-and-play residential, and enterprise Small Cells provide the platform to address all of these challenges. Offering this technology as a hosted service puts Small Cell deployment within reach for all operators.

Deployment is straightforward. Carriers deploy residential and/or enterprise Small Cells where needed, and the Small Cells connect via Internet to ClearSky Technologies’ Small Cell Gateway, an innovative platform architecture that employs state-of-the-art features and capabilities. ClearSky Technologies will manage the end-to-end SCaaS solution, taking full responsibility for integration with 24×7 operations and maintenance, so carriers can focus on marketing, branding and customer relationship management.

Key Features

  • Plug and Play SCaaS deployment with zero-touch provisioning, end-user self- installation and remote reconfiguration
  • High Small Cells availability, exceeding 99.999%
  • Proven radio algorithms and interference management techniques, as well as Continuous Neighbor Monitoring and Actions
  • Traffic offloading
  • Hosted gateway with remote management

Carrier Benefits

  • Eliminate CAPEX for purchase of gateway and RAN Management System
  • Reduce time to market as ClearSky’s SCaaS Solution is already up and running in production
  • Increase network capacity wherever needed
  • Improve macro network QoS by offloading traffic
  • Pursue new and retain existing corporate accounts by providing five bars of service within the enterprise
  • Improve customer retention and reduce churn with improved QoS

Small Cell as a Service fact sheet (PDF)