Manage your high-speed data traffic

Total Traffic Manager

Total Traffic Manager (TTM) enables carriers to manage exponential growth in data traffic while increasing revenue from data plans. Providing carriers real-time visibility to what types of data traffic are running through their networks, TTM allows carriers to identify and create new services to increase data ARPU.


Key Features

  • Traffic Identification: Accurate, application-aware traffic identification in any routing environment
  • Policy Decision: Identification of network conditions and real-time rule evaluation to make policy decisions locally
  • Flexibility: Deploy anywhere, regardless of network’s technology
  • Minimal Latency: in-network appliance introduces a 400 microsecond latency
  • Reporting: Business intelligence

Carrier Benefits

  • Facilitate new charging/billing mechanisms for value-added services
  • Satisfy subscribers with fair allocation of resources
  • Provide more tailored choices and entry-level data plans to subscribers, thus maximizing data ARPU
  • Define and enforce network policies
  • Ensure unaffected traffic flow, even if capacity limits are exceeded
  • Detect tethering and allow subscribers to opt-in to a data plan that enables tablet and laptop access

How does Total Traffic Manager work?

TTM actively monitors and analyzes data traffic as it flows through the carrier’s network, and then generates actions based on detailed analysis and a set of pre-configured rules. This is accomplished by placing ClearSky Technologies’ TTM Enforcement Platform in the data stream to measure traffic and subscriber patterns, and perform real-time traffic policy enforcement. The end result is the ability to create and bill for new services, satisfy existing subscribers with fair allocation of resources, and minimize costs of future network expansion.

TTM is an essential tool for carriers to manage today’s rapid growth in data traffic. For example, carriers can:

  • Offer plans that include a limited amount of access (e.g., 2GB for $20, then provide subscribers the ability to self-manage their data plans to purchase incremental data access)
  • Detect when a tablet or laptop is connected, and enable charging an additional fee (e.g., $20 extra per month to allow tethering)
  • Send SMS alerts to subscribers when they are near their data caps, or accessing data services when roaming
  • Throttle throughput for users of peer-to-peer networks, such as BitTorrent, and users who are uploading and downloading videos and music
  • Provide a bronze, silver, and gold tiered pricing plans based on levels of throughput
  • Much more


Total Traffic Manager fact sheet (PDF)


To learn more, watch Total Traffic Manager’s video.