Infrastructure as a service


ClearSky is proud of the business we have built over the past decade, and clearly believe the mix of products and services that we bring to the industry are second to none. However, don’t take our word for it. Our clients are talking, and below is a sampling of what our clients have to say about us and our approach to providing products and services to wireless carriers.

Shephard’s Beach Resort
Paul Andrews, General Manager:

“As a manager of a very well-known resort in Clearwater Beach Florida, I know that our guests come here for both work and pleasure,” stated Paul Andrews, General Manager of Shephard’s Beach Resort. “Our guests constantly have their smartphones with them and having proper cellphone coverage is extremely important to their overall guest experience. Many areas in our resort had little or no cellular signal until ClearSky arrived. We have gone from mediocre cellular service to 5-star coverage throughout our property, and both the guests and staff are ecstatic. In particular, our meeting room clients have given us rave reviews about the great coverage inside our meeting rooms. I would recommend FORTÉ by ClearSky to other property managers who want to improve guest satisfaction.”

Carolyn Hanson, Director of Sales and Marketing:

“Our current practice is to notify subscribers when they reach 50, 75 and 100 percent of their data caps. Deploying TTM in our network enables us to take it a step further and present an advice-of-charge page to facilitate the purchase of additional access. Subscribers can self-manage their data plans while we maximize data ARPU from the purchase of incremental data.”

Steven K. Berry, President & CEO:

“I am delighted CCA members will benefit from these SCaaS solutions. Cellcom is providing solutions for other CDMA carriers, while ClearSky Technologies will host a solution for GSM carriers. Both Cellcom and ClearSky are long-time CCA members, and their respective innovative services will help smaller competitive carriers find solutions to their network capacity challenges. CCA’s goal is to ensure a competitive mobile ecosystem, and I am glad to see real progress being made to meet our carriers’ every day challenges as a result of the work of our Business Innovation Group.”

NewCore Wireless
Albert Kangas, General Manager and COO:

“We selected ClearSky’s TTM solution because of its unique features and flexibility that enable each carrier partner to implement its own set of policies. Our business partners can define and enforce network policies like tethering detection, shared data plans and bill shock notifications–all with the option to implement additional policies in the future. We are excited to add this essential tool to our toolbox.”

Cellular One of East Central Illinois
Cassy Carter, CEO:

“ClearSky’s FaaS meets our need to deliver high-quality voice and data coverage, and does so at a fraction of the cost of expanding our macro network and/or purchasing a Femtocell Gateway of our own. One of our primary objectives is to reduce churn by improving in-home coverage for subscribers on the periphery of our macro cellular network, and residential FAPs [femtocell access points] are ideal for that purpose.”

Carolyn Hanson, Director of Sales and Marketing:

“We want to create an interactive mobile environment for our subscribers by allowing them to participate in the same popular campaigns as Tier 1 subscribers. Whether it’s accessing retail discounts from Bed, Bath and Beyond, requesting credit card or banking alerts, staying up-to-date on entertainment news from MTV, or receiving flight updates from airlines such as our local Alaska Airlines, ClearSky allows us to offer more than 3,000 shortcodes, and makes it easy with a single point of integration to multiple aggregators.”

Michael Metcalf, EVP/CTO:

“ClearSky has worked with us to tailor its traffic management solution to fulfill all of our specific policy requirements. TTM enables us to reduce ‘wasted’ data without weakening the customer experience, identify top devices, sites, protocols and data users, and shape the user experience according to protocol (i.e., streaming video, streaming audio, P2P sharing). We also needed the flexibility to implement additional policies in the future, such as tethering detection, a customized social media package, and tiered data plans including “top off” policies and bill shock notification. Our objective is to use bandwidth more effectively, and TTM delivers the unique features and flexibility to help us reach that goal.”

Cellular One
Louise Finnegan, CEO:

“By placing ClearSky’s TTM Enforcement Platform in our data stream, Cellular One can measure traffic and subscriber patterns, and perform real-time traffic and policy enforcement. The end result is the ability to identify and create new services to increase data ARPU, satisfy all subscribers including heavy users, and minimize costs of future expansion through ‘fair usage’ policies. We plan to give subscribers the option to “top-up” when threshold limits are reached by purchasing additional capacity. Additionally, we plan to offer tailored data plans that more closely meet our subscribers’ needs.”

Small Cell Forum
Simon Saunders, Chairman:

“We are keen to enable operators of all sizes and technology interests to access the benefits of femtocells to the benefit of their customers. Femtocell as a Service offers an alternative approach to launching services for many carriers and we welcome ClearSky’s announcement. Femtocells are a key component of next generation networks and a ubiquitous network society, and the availability of this technology as a hosted service puts femtocell deployment within reach for all rural operators.”

i wireless
Maggie Squires, Director of Marketing:

“The popularity of video streaming and peer-to-peer file sharing sites can quickly tax a carrier’s resources, and cause a major inconvenience to the remaining subscribers who are left with congested airwaves. ClearSky’s TTM allows us to assign policies on data traffic in a way that promotes fair allocation of resources while retaining the extreme heavy users, thus providing excellent service for all our subscribers and avoiding the high cost of additional capacity.”

CellularOne of East Texas
Kimberly Krienke, Director of Billing and Roaming:

“As a regional wireless carrier, it’s important for our mobile data partner to give us the tools and offerings we need to compete with Tier 1 carriers, and also provide us with the metrics and visibility to manage our business. ClearSky listens and responds to our needs by developing current and relevant marketing support, and incorporating key technology partners into their product portfolio.”

GTA TeleGuam
Andrew Gayle, COO:

“The level of detail and time to complete the project exceeded our expectations.
We had everything we needed—and more—in less than three months, including a detailed traffic map of demand and a plan to add small cells and macro cells in specific locations. The level of resolution in the NetView 360 model is like nothing we’ve seen before in the industry. Most important, ClearSky’s team was with us every step of the way.”

Bobby McAvoy, EVP & CTO:

“ClearSky experts delivered an unbiased approach to determine how to best increase capacity.  The end result was a comprehensive plan to keep our network fully optimized regardless of changes and complexities.”